J Taylor Plumbing

Nazareth, PA


With any industry there are typical questions that most people have that need some addressing. That’s what this page is for. Hopefully we answer your question. If you do have a question that goes beyond this page, then email us your question. Maybe we’ll put the answer on this page!

What is your service going to cost?

If you have a project you are interested in our service, we will come out and take a look and then give you a price quote

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! We want you to feel secure in our service

Is there any guarantee with your service?

Of course! We pride ourselves with our customer satisfaction. So the job isn’t finished until it’s done the right way

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the plumbing field for more than 29 years and working as a business for 22 years now

Do you charge an hourly rate?

We don’t charge hourly, we charge by the job. So if we give you a quoted price where we’re figuring its gonna take a full day and it takes 2 days, you can still count on the quoted price

If I have an emergency what should I do?

Call us! 610.462.5732

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